Our Food

Our experience offering different types of Cuban food to our customers sets us apart from our competitors and keeps them coming back for more.

For a complete menu with prices, visit Our Menu page.


Our selection of sandwiches includes a variety of Cuban sandwiches, such as our popular Cuban steak sandwich. Try our perfectly cooked burgers such as the regular burger, cheeseburger, chicken burger, and bacon cheeseburger. We also offer fresh fish tacos.


We offer unique poutine dishes made with our delicious French fries, that are great alone or complemented by another of our entrees. These dishes include our perfectly smoked meat, club poutine, and Cuban-inspired poutine.

Specialty Items

The specialty items that we offer include our tender pork ribs and a variety of Mexican items. We offer perfectly seasoned quesadillas and fajitas with chicken, beef, or pork.


Customers can choose from an assortment of sides like our regular or supreme nachos and salads. We offer a variety of appetizing salads, including Greek salad and Caesar salad.

View our complete menu with prices here. Call our Cuban food truck today to learn more about our eclectic menu and plan your next meal with us.

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